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Target Costing for Purchasers

                                                                                                                                                                                         ( - 1-day - )

80 to 90% of the product materials cost are already caused in the R+D / construction phase and mostly fixed in the bill of materials (parts list). So it’s the most important thing before starting the product production to reach cost reductions in the R+D stadium. Target Costing combined with value engineering and interdepartmental purchase activities are one of the most effective strategic instruments to reach important targets together - cost cutting without sacrificing quality, reliability and customer requirements. Receiver-oriented cost-accounting information (construction-related costing) is in demand, so that the design engineers can immadetely estimate the cost effects of their action.

Who should attend
Manager and qualified employees of following departments: materials management, purchasing, logistics, R+D, construction, development, quality management, production.
Hans-Peter Stiemer or other experts of STIEMER - Management Consultancy for Purchase & Controlling - all with longtherm experiance in controlling, purchasing, materials management and logistics of well known companies. PHONE +49 7071 49270; FAX +49 7071 49524 ;
mgr@stiemer.com ; www.stiemer.com
Your personal benefits
This well-stocked toolbox will help you to 
* reach the cost targets by interdisciplinary, project-oriented, interdepartmental teamwork,
* reduce the cost of materials through the enhanced sense of cost and service
* recognize and avoid of unnecessary functions / materials which are not desired (by the
* special practical training - conditions ( case study of an real existing company ).

Additional benefits after training
You’ll get spezial excel-sheets and KPI - / reference numbers and checklists by email.


Antecedent effect: What are the present concepts and cost-accounting methods ?      
* What is target costing (target-cost management) ?      
* Prerequisites of a better cost-management system      
* What is actually so new and so different about the target-cost thought process ?      
* What is the general understanding of the term, “target cost” ?      

Phases of target-cost management      
* Determination of the customer requirements and target price      
* Determination of the customer requirements and target price with the aid of conjoint-analysis (indirect customer interview)      

* Determination of target costs      

Target-cost splitting      
* Component method of target-cost splitting     
* Functional-area method of target-cost splitting      

Strategic measures for the attainment of target costs      
* Cost accounting at the lowest cost with the aid of cost tables (cost schedules)     
* Integrated supplier management    
* Simultaneous Engineering (SE)      
* Value Engineering (VE)      

Improvement of the existing cost structure      
* Improvement of the direct-cost structure-Improvement of the overhead-cost structure      

Active participation, case studies, group and individual work.

Training Duration
09.00 am - 5.00 pm

* due to the general Terms + Conditions / AGB    

Please, ask for special -  inhouse booking / training conditions !   

Price 795,- € additional 19% GERMAN VAT  ( only if the training is operated in Germany )

Please,  bring a    POCKET  CALCULATOR   along ( for the included case studies ) !


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795,00 EUR

zzgl. 19 % Ust.

Ausdruck: Target Costing for Purchasers

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