Business Administration for Engineers - Crash Course

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- Controlling - evaluating capital expenditure


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     WEB-based training.

- Condition for individual seminars:
   event venue = Tuebingen (Germany).

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As an engineer you are increasingly also confronted with business administration issues, and are finding more and more evaluations landing on your desk that adopt a business management angle. When you first trained – possibly long ago – you were only given minimal tools for dealing with such matters. If you see yourself in this description, this crash course / seminar that has been proven over many years will be just right for you. You will be provided with the required administration management know-how in a compact form to give you the confidence to contribute fully in business management matters. It's available as crash course, seminar, continuing education, in-service training, workshop or WEB-based. The concept of “Business Administration for Engineers and Technicians” has proven successful over many years, and the comprehensive documentation that can be applied directly in your day-to-day work will make you a respected partner on business management matters, too. Best references : TAE - Technical Academy Esslingen, TÜV Academy Rheinland, WVIB - Economic Association of Industrial Companies Baden e.V. ...

Participant group
Engineers and technicians, as well as qualified personnel from the
R&D, Work Preparation, Quality Assurance, Production areas, etc.
who also need a grasp of the right business management know-how
(controlling – evaluating capital expenditure – basics of purchasing)
in order to reach the best possible decisions.

Dipl. Betriebsw. (DH) Hans-Peter Stiemer and the team colleagues
from STIEMER - Corporate Consultancy for Purchasing and Controlling –
who all have many years of practical experience in controlling,
purchasing, materials management and logistics at renowned
enterprises. TEL +49 (0) 7071 49270 ; FAX +49 (0) 7071 49524 ;

The topic – your benefits
* You will have a grasp of “administration management jargon” and
   in future will be able to use it confidently in discussions.
* Intensive use of case studies and targeted individual exercises
   instead of dull theory will aid practical implementation.
* You will be able to interpret reports and data better, putting
   you in the position to optimally manage your area.
* You will be familiar with the management tools and correlations
   that can positively influence corporate performance.
* You will get to know the biggest cost and capital commitment
   drivers and be able to influence them in a more targeted way.
* Those participants in particular with little prior knowledge will
   acquire in-depth knowledge.
* You will receive an informative certificate with a detailed list
   of the treated content !

Practical added benefits after the seminar
You will work through the case studies manually during the
seminar. After the seminar you will be e-mailed highly useful
Excel applications, special performance indicators and checklists.
These will equip you to implement what you have learned
directly at your workplace.

Program summary

Accounting and controlling
* Lexicon of the key terms, put simply and intelligibly
* Tasks and structure of an in-house accounting department,
   cross-functional controlling
* Balance sheet and P+L, operating result, EBIT, ROI,
   cash flow, neutral result...
* Cost accounting (sheet), cost centers, profit centers
* Costing based on full and partial cost aspects
  (contribution margin accounting), criteria for use
  => original practical cases
* Accommodating special customer demands in costing

Capital expenditure and profitability calculations
* Lexicon of the key terms
* Break-even analysis, break-even-point determination
* Investment budgeting methods (static and dynamic)
* Benefit analysis (inclusion of qualitative decision-making criteria)
* Capital expenditure evaluation of a large-scale project taking
   account of ROI, payback period
   (case study from corporate practice)

Talks, case studies with group work, large number of practical

Seminar times
Day 1:       10.00 a.m. – 5.45 p.m.
Day 2:       09.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

100 % performance guarantee
based on your individual preferred dates,
+ One-to-one coaching on the topic customized
   specifically to your requirements,
+ Planning security for your in-service training.
Condition: event venue = Tuebingen (Germany).

€ 1.500,- ( + VAT, if operated in Germany

We would be happy to make you an offer for an   In-House-Training   or   a   WEB-based training !

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